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SXSW 2015

I went down to SXSW during the film start. It was a life bonding trip with my God son. We had some life and death experiences before we even arrived.
The music and culture is unbelievable. I love it! I recommend it for everyone.




I began the hashtag #TeamXL and I’m applying it to everything I do positive. I will explain why I’m doing this later. If you want tips on #SXSW get on twitter and use #SXSWTeamXL


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16 Motivational Life Lessons from Bruce Lee

“I do not respect the power of a man who has fought 1 man a thousand times, but I do recognize the greatness in a man who has fought a thousand men once.” -me
Please, remember these words. They are like jewels handed down from father to son.
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