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Apache #4 Apart of Made In The USA series


I was stuck trying to paint. I had came up with the series theme 2 weeks ago. Yet, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted. I went out on Thursday for drinks with Marine Corps buddies of mine. I came home and passed out. I had dreams of some people I admired. When I woke my alarm played Johnny Cash’s “When A Man Comes.” I instantly was inspired to paint Native Americans that fought in war. “Apache #4″ is a dedication to Geronimo’s warrior spirit.  The graffiti background was made 2 weeks ago. The context is of the caves where ancient tribal paintings were found. Giving thought to how graffiti was created by Native Americans.  Something to think about definitely.
The prints go on sale tomorrow at the Art Goggle in Fort Worth, Texas. (Google it) email me at for pricing. 8″x10″ and 11″x14”

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